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NOTE ABOUT COVID-19: Your health and well being is our number one priority. In light of the coronavirus outbreak and CDC recommendations to limit exposure to others during this time, the studio will remain closed starting Wednesday, March 18th. We plan to reopen on Tuesday March 31st. This reopening date is tentative at this point and will be adjusted according the latest DC Government guidelines. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please feel free to contact the studio for any question/request.

Due to this unforeseen, special event due to Covid-19, the studio is offering 15% OFF by applying code "BEATCOVID19" when you purchase any gift cards (link) for yourself, family and friends. I really appreciate all of your supports and see you as soon as the studio reopen.

Booking: There were a few clients showing up without a booked appointment due to incomplete booking, and sadly i could not accommodate those appointments. Please make sure you receive confirmation email/text.

Waiting list: Please text (202) 352-0344 to be added to the list for today. 

Our Services

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Swedish Massage

Our most popular massage, the Swedish Massage caters to those who are looking for a more relaxing experience. Our therapist will apply light to medium pressure to ease away those tensions and stresses of everyday life.

30 min- $60 | 60 min-$100 | 90 min-$135 | 120 min-$180

Add Hot Stones $20

Out-call fee 90 min -$180 | 120 min- $225 (Please fill out "Out-Call Request form" ) 

Therapeutic Massage

Deep tissue - Sport

For those suffering from chronically tense and contracted areas, such as a stiff neck, lower back tightness, and sore shoulders, our Deep Tissue Massage/Sport will help alleviate pain and restore normal movement. We use slow, deep, more focused strokes to realign the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue as well as combining stretches to increase flexibility, and dramatically improve recovery.

30 min-$60 | 60 min-$100 | 90 min-$135 | 120 min-$180

Add Hot Stones $20

Outcall fee 90 min -$180 | 120 min- $225 (Please fill out "Out-Call Request form" ) 

Note: Please be aware that there may be some stiffness or pain afterwards, but should subside within a day or two. Applying ice to the area is recommended.

Hot Stone Massage

        Hot stone massage is a soothing and healing treatment, especially in winter. It is a special modality that uses smooth, heated, black volcanic rocks that absorb and retain heat. The heat is deeply relaxing and create a sense of balance and calm. This type of massages helps muscles release more quickly than in a traditional massage.

60 min-$120 | 90 min-$155 | 120 min-$200

Outcall fee 90 min-$200 | 120 min-$245 (Please fill out "Out-Call Request form" ) 

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Prenatal Massage

        Massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.

Massage is usually performed on the side to accommodate comfort level.

30 min-$60 | 60 min-$100 | 90 min-$135

Outcall fee 90 min -$180 (Please fill out "Out-Call Request form" ) 

Thai Massage

          Known as "nuat phaen boran" in Thailand, traditional Thai Massage combines facilitated stretching, muscle compressions, joint mobilization, and acupressure along the body's sen lines (the Thai equivalent to meridians or channels). This ancient healing art can be both relaxing and energizing and will be customized to your level of flexibility and pressure preference. You should wear light, loose-fitting or flexible clothing as the session is performed fully clothed, on a mat on the floor. Benefits include stress reduction, relief of muscle tension, relaxation, increased flexibility, and improved circulation

60 min- $110 | 90 min-$145 | 120 min- $190

Add Herbals Compression $25

Outcall fee 90 min -$190 | 120 min- $235 (Please fill out "Out-Call Request form" ) 

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FSAs- Flex



While we cannot bill insurrance, some FSAs/ FLEX cards can be used for massage. Please check with your providers if massage therapy is qualified.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for special service or for any amount you choose. Please call 202.352.0344 or click here to inquire.


For your convenience, we accept most major credit cards and cash payment. Same-day appointments are welcome, please call for immediate assistant.

12-hour cancellation required.